Is there a trick to dragging a PushButton?

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Steve Moyer

Jun 29, 2012, 1:21:37 PM6/29/12
I have a PushButton widget with an up-face image that I'd like to respond to clicks as well as allowing the button to be dragged to another application.  If I create the Image used for the up-face without including it in the PushButton, it drags with the correct drag image and drag data.  If I put the same Image on the face of a PushButton, it can no longer be dragged.  If I move the DragStartHandler to the PushButton, it still can't be dragged.

I'm guessing that perhaps the way the PushButton processes click events might stop the propagation of the event before I get a DragStartEvent, but right now I'm pretty lost.

Thanks, smoyer
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