Customizing wave client before deploying to all the users in the apps

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Jul 30, 2010, 3:30:14 PM7/30/10
to Google Wave API,
Hi Everyone,
I am super excited about the wave for Google apps. Here is a
brief intro of what I am trying to achieve.
Our organization is about teaching to underprivileged students with
help of a network volunteer tutors.
I feel that the capabilities of wave client can be successfully used
to leverage the platform.
Bu however we want to customize the client heavily.
1) Group based control on who can wave who.
2) Monitoring wave data.
3) Deploy wave with pre-installed gadgets and monitor and control
gadget use.

Is there an Api to customize the current wave client or take the
current client develop our own version and deploy own version in
google apps.

thank you for supporting the noble cause.


Jul 31, 2010, 10:39:07 AM7/31/10
to Google Wave API
Arjun, I believe you could you use the Data API to develop your own
client. The is a great example of this. Also,
try to increase wave experience.

As for group control, you can do that with Google Groups already. The
groups permissions will also apply to the wave regarding who can post
and read.

I loved your idea of pre-installing gadgets for all users. Perhaps you
should add it as a feature suggestion at


Jul 31, 2010, 11:12:21 AM7/31/10
to Google Wave API
Well first off let just tell you that all of that is not possible at
the moment, but there is some work arounds that might. Be able to
achieve what you are trying to do:

1. You can create subdomains with Google Apps and enable wave for each
subdomain so that way you can specify that users can comunicate with
others inside the network but not with anyone else.

2. Only if people add you as a participant of the wave, you will be
able to monitor the data... You coult make a New Wave extension so
that it will add you automatically but it will require users to use

3. You can make a welcome page with the gadgets and extensions you
want users to use and make them install them prior to using wave. In
order. To monitor it's use you would have to be the owner of the
extension and have them hosted on App Engine.

Most of google wave is open source through: Wave Federation Protocol so you can develop your wave client and monitor
it's own traffic and I think even customize it all you want on this
list. But in order to be able to add it to Google Apps you will have
to host it on App Engine (or at least have have an App Engine App that
redirects to where you have the custom wave client hosted) and add it
to Google Apps

Hope this ideas help! :)
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