Google Timeline Chart Stopped working 2 days ago with no changes on my webpage

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STEVCON Enterprises

Sep 22, 2021, 10:22:16 PMSep 22
to Google Visualization API

I have an internal webpage that has several google timeline charts that get data from an internal sql database that stopped working 2 days ago.

I get this error on the page

The data in the console is not following the data I am loading to it. I am sending it the last 7 days of day as of the current date but the above error is happening not on the current data but on data from july.

data.addRows([[new Date('2021','7','23','00','01','00'),78.69,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','01','59'),78.69,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','02','59'),78.65,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','04','00'),78.6,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','05','00'),78.52,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','06','00'),78.44,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','06','59'),78.46,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','07','59'),78.46,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','08','59'),78.47,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','09','59'),78.5,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','11','00'),78.28,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','11','59'),78.37,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','12','59'),78.37,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','13','59'),78.32,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','14','59'),78.26,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','16','00'),78.44,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','16','59'),78.28,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','17','59'),78.59,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','18','59'),78.69,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','20','00'),78.34,100,32],
[new Date('2021','7','23','00','21','00'),78.55,100,32],

I have no idea what happened i have changed NOTHING on my end if i put the query in sql i get exactly what i want the last 7 days but it seems like the API is not taking the data I am send and just picking stuff from the past.

As i said - This stopped working 2 days ago on all the computer browsers in my house without me changing a single thing in my code.

Are google API timeline charts broken, is Google API down?
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