GSoC 2023 Organization Applications are now open (Contributor registration begins March 20)

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Jan 23, 2023, 9:27:13 PMJan 23
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The Google Summer of Code 2023 program has officially begun! 

Right now we are accepting mentoring organization applications only (GSoC contributor app don't open until March 20th).


Org admins can now submit their org's application to be a mentoring organization for GSoC 2023 at from today until February 7th at 1800 UTC.

Next Steps if your Org would like to apply for to be a GSoC 2023 Mentor org

  1. Have a solid list of project ideas that will take the GSoC contributors ~175 hours or ~350 hours to complete (you should have both sizes of projects in your list). Having a thorough and well thought out list of Project Ideas is the most important part of your application.

  2. Be sure to reach out to your community members now to ask if they would like to be mentors for the program. Having plenty of folks committed to mentor is the next most important preparation for a successful GSoC.

  3. Read the GSoC Mentor Guide for helpful tips and general information.

  4. Apply to be a GSoC 2023 Mentor Organization before the application period closes on Tuesday, February 7 at 1800 UTC. 

Please encourage other open source orgs to apply -- if you know of other open source projects that may be interested in applying to GSoC as a first time org please remind them to check out the available resources below and have them put your org (or you) down as a reference in their application.


Please remember that for 2023 GSoC Contributors can apply starting March 20 at 1800 UTC.  

GSoC Contributors, to help you prepare for the application period (Mach 20-April 4) we strongly encourage you to read the Program Rules and the GSoC Contributor/Student Guide over the next few weeks. If there are organizations you know you are interested in participating with you can proactively reach out to them now and learn more about the work they do and understand more about their communities. 

We will announce the mentoring orgs accepted into GSoC 2023 on February 22 at 1800 UTC. At that point you will definitely want to start communicating with the orgs that interest you and review their Project Ideas to help you understand more about the types of projects they would like GSoC Contributors to work on over the summer. The earlier you reach out, the better your chances of being accepted into the program.


Roles and Responsibilities

Timeline, FAQs

Marketing Materials (slide deck, flyers), Videos

If you have any questions please email us at


Stephanie Taylor, GSoC Program Lead

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