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David G

Aug 21, 2020, 7:46:26 AM8/21/20
to Google Safe Browsing API

We develop and host a solution to offer benefits to many companies' employees.
So we have thousands of websites, under different domains.
All domains target the same IP, and it's the same source code behind (but with different databases).

Some companies call us because their site are flagged by Safe Browsing.
We always report them and ask for removal, and usually the false positive is removed after a couple of hours.

But it's not always the case.
Plus, we would like to know all concerned domains, it would be better than waiting for a customer to call us (scared or upset...)

So we implemented the Safe Browsing Lookup API, but the API always respond 200 {}, meaning no problem.

This is a critical situation as we could lose many customers if it's not fixed quickly.

We are GSuite and GCloud customers but they didn't help us (GSuite support told us it's a GCP Product, GCP Support told us it's not part ot them...) 

So how I get in touch with someone at Google able to help us ?
I need to know what trigger this warning.

Why 2 websites with identical source code, give a warning for one, and no warning for the other ?
Why the Lookup API always say "no problem" ?

Examples :
- cevim.fr => warning
- cespeedy.com => ok



Sep 2, 2020, 7:28:24 PM9/2/20
to Google Safe Browsing API
Hey, my own damn website is marked as "Deceptive Site Ahead" on one of my computers, WHAT THE HELL!! There is nothing wrong with my site! If people can't get to it because of shit like this I will loose money. FIX IT, AND FIX IT NOW!!!!


Jan 7, 2021, 7:13:14 PM1/7/21
to Google Safe Browsing API

We recommend webmasters sign up for security notifications via Search Console. You can find more information about the report and how to sign up here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9044101?hl=en

Hope this helps!

Larry Gray

Jan 10, 2021, 2:24:13 AM1/10/21
to google-safe-...@googlegroups.com
Sorry you got treated like that man that's bull

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