Future of Google location APIs?

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Jun 22, 2012, 11:23:29 PM6/22/12
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I have a specific question that should truly be targeted towards a Google Maps/Latitude android development bug/enhancement tracker, but I don't know of any such forum.  If someone can point me in that direction, I would be very grateful.  To that audience, I wonder, would it be possible to NOT disable auto check-in within the Latitude app just because a user turns off their location reporting in settings.

Here's the issue- many android Latitude users have found a 3rd party client app to update their Google Latitude location instead of using Latitude detection for a number of reasons.  In the essence of preserving the 3rd party location, these users also turn off location reporting within the Latitude app.  And because of this,  the auto check-in feature will not function.  Even though, Google/Latitude is fully aware of their updated location, and fully aware of their setup to auto check-in to such a venue.  I don't see why Google would prohibit this from just seamlessly occurring.

Would or could this be put on the plate of the 3rd party developers thru this or another API ?  I hope not, but it would be what it is...

or even, an entirely different solution to this problem.  Add some sense-able logic to the Latitude app such as: if the app reads the current location of a Latitude user which is minutes fresh and extremely accurate, why on earth does Latitude over-write it with a city level 1500m inaccurate location value?  Users would not have to turn off Latitude detection is it wasn't so horrible.  At least, minimally, don't over-write a new and accurate location value.

But that all leads to my real question....more specifically for this audience.  Where is Google Location APIs going with their whole Google Location wave of technology?   Is Latitude being thrown out for a new Google+ version?   Will Latitude be integrated with Google+ ?  How will this all shape up because I don't want anyone wasting their time developing for this if that is the case.  Thanks

Brian Gaugler

May 25, 2013, 12:15:01 AM5/25/13
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I wish someone from Google answered this question a year ago... Looks like Latitude was stripped out of Maps and put in Google+..... what the heck good is Google Latitude if its on top of a profile and not on a map?  Sure, I can look-up one friend that I am curious as to where they are, but collectively, I'm not going to go through everyone's profile if I want an overview of everyone's location.  I'd rather just seem all on the map..... This is stupid....

Rix Beck

Jul 12, 2013, 7:16:06 AM7/12/13
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It is a forced promotion for G+. Really stupid because it won't catch users for G+. It's an overkill for mobile...
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