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Lawrence Chiu

Jul 16, 2013, 11:26:23 PM7/16/13
Does stock latitude steal GPS locations in the background if GPS is being used by another app?

For example, If I'm google navigating, or have maps open, or am running GPS Test.... Will Latitude store the default inaccurate wifi/cell locations like usual or will it use them ore precise GPS co-ordinates being used by a different app at the time?

If it is the latter, maybe it is possible to get a more accurate latitude location history by having an app ping the GPS periodically, so that then the default latitude app could update more accurate location history?

Can anybody shed some light on this matter?

Just looking for alternatives post 9th August when Brian's brilliant Backitude will cease to work.

(Maybe I can keep the old Backitude app to poll the GPS so that Google Latitude Location History will use these co-ordinates rather than their horribly inaccurate and sparse location updates)

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