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dhanasekaran muthu

Dec 9, 2012, 8:28:12 PM12/9/12
I also face  the similar problem since I translate a titles of panoramio photos and in wikimapia objects  multi -lingually in  more than 4-5 languages. Pasted text option for transliteration is not available the problem as it dose not respond to space bar. The issue has already been referred to google india labs.I am unable to find or restore  the old version of Google Tranliterate. I have to spend a lot of time going for virtual keyboard for some languages when  the drop down multiple transliterated option is not available in Google Transliterate

It does respond for space bar operation  in Google Translate for the Roman letters to the desired language in the left (half) margin but several Indian Languages including Sinhalese  are not available in the Menu List in Google Translate.

On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 9:27 AM, dpk19700416 <> wrote:
I've been using Google Transliteration for couple of years to create posts to various web sites in Sinhalese language. I used to type all the posts phonetically in English and convert them using Google Transliteration while doing the necessary editing at the end. But I can't continue my work now, as the Transliteration doesn't work as previous! It doesn't respond to the pasted text. Converts only the texts type there. And it doesn't even support editing of the typed words! Need to erase the whole word & type again. I'm in a huge trouble. Need to re-type everything I've already typed.

Can someone please provide me the required instructions to convert Google Transliteration back to work as previous? I don't won't candidate window when typing! I just want to be able to use previously typed text & convert words by pressing the SPACE Key. Editing words already typed using Back Space is also required!

Thanks in advance.

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