Needed Standard Phonetic Keyboard for all Indian languages with built in Transliteration scheme.

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May 9, 2017, 2:09:50 PM5/9/17
to Google India Labs

Phonetic Keyboard for all Indian languages with standard key strokes with built in transliteration scheme.

Just type in Roman and get transliterated into chosen script that includes Roman Diacritic.

Friendly Keystrokes: 

a aa i ii u uu ae/a.c e ai aw/o.c o au a.n a.m aH a.h(् )

k kh g gh ~n

ch chh j jh/z .n

T Th D Dh N (ṭ ṭh ḍ ḍh ṇ)

t th d dh n 

p ph/f b bh m 

y r l v/w 

sh s S (sh s ṣ)

h L kS Gy (h ḽ kṣ gy)

.k,.kh,.g,.j,.d,.D,.f,( ़ nukta letters if needed)

Each consonant produces these 15 sounds when combined with vowels. 
્,ા,િ,ી,ુ,ૂ,ૅ,ે,ૈ,ૉ,ો,ૌ,ં ,ં,ઃ  
ə ɑ: ɪ iː ʊ uː æ ɛ əɪ ɔ o əʊ əm ən əh ........IPA
ạ ā i ī u ū ă e ại 
ŏ o ạu ạm ạn ạh.............Roman Diacritic

a,aa,i,ii,u,uu,ae,e,ai,aw,o,au, am,an,ah...Type able

law /lŏ , bat /baet /băt

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