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Aug 11, 2009, 5:51:37 PM8/11/09
to Google Data Protocol
Dear all,

I'm new to Google API, and new member to this forum as well.

We are exploring the possibility of using Google API to access our
Google Analytics account data. To begin with, I plan to try some
sample codes from Google developer’s site and to make sure they can
work under my local environment. However, I have some problems running
sample code “” under my Eclipse.

These are the steps I have experienced,
1. downloaded sample code “” and all 35 gdata-
*.jar files from Google data Java client library site
2. run it as a Java application within Eclipse, but it is missing
“” package
3. then I downloaded “” from Google site,
which only have source code, no binary jar file. I included the source
code to my project, and that problem goes away, but comes another
compile error, complaining missing “javax.annotation.Nullable”,
4. Now I’m stuck.

I’m running JDK 1.6 on Eclipse, and have included all 35 gdata jar
files to the project, but not using Ant.

I’d appreciate if you can point me the direction how to get it work
under my environment.

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