Google Friends Newsletter - July 2005

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Google Friends Newsletter

Jul 11, 2005, 7:56:43 PM7/11/05

Greetings, gentle readers, and welcome to this edition of Google
Friends, a newsletter of Google's cornucopia of services you might
enjoy using. Newsletter details, including subscribe/unsubscribe
information, are below.

* When you want to see the value of one currency in relation to
another, simply enter the conversion you'd like done into the Google
search box. You can even type a phrase like [Brazilian currency in
Malaysian money] or [2 dollars per gallon in euros per litre] to get
the right answer.

* To search for something with a range of numbers, use two periods (no
spaces) to have your search include multiple numbers that form a
"numrange" (numeric range). For example, to search for inventions in
the 19th century, use [inventions 1800..1900].

Google Earth
Part search tool, part flight simulator: Google Earth gives you a deep
dive into terrain, properties, roads, and other real-world features
across the globe. Try zooming along a route you select to see the
sights from the air. And it's completely free. In the short time it's
been live, Google Earth has proved so popular that we've had to turn
off downloads intermittently; if that happens to you, please check back
again shortly. For Windows only.

Personalized Search
This new improvement to Google search, available on Google Labs, orders
your search results based on your search history. And the Search
History feature lets you view and manage that history of searches and
search results you've clicked on. As you build up your search
history, your personalized search results will continue to improve.
Note that you must be logged in to your Google Account to use it.

Google Video Viewer
We introduced Google Video a few months ago as a way to find TV
programming content. Then we added an Uploader so that people could
add their own videos. Now, logically enough, we've added a way to
play back those submitted videos. The Viewer only works for what you
find on our site - but it doesn't conflict with your other video
playback software.

Blogger Images
For those who use Blogger, now it's easier than before to share the
highlights of that Fourth of July parade or your summer vacation. You
can upload images from your computer, and even pick the size you prefer
- and voila, they appear instantly in your posts.

Mobile Web Search
These days, more websites are optimized to display information better
on small phone and PDA screens, and we've developed Mobile Web Search
for that reason. Just type in the URL field on
your phone screen (if you get an error message, type Then enter your search query, select "Mobile
Web," and scroll up to the "Google Search" button. Press "enter" to see
10 results on the page. Try checking "weather" this way if you're
heading out on a picnic.

What's a "wiki"? This Hawaiian word can mean both "quick" and
"informal" - and both apply to an easy and collaborative way of
sharing information across the Web. The nonprofit Wikipedia is a large
collection of articles on many topics, contributed by lots of people
and edited by even more. They all include helpful links to source
material for each topic, too. You might enjoy browsing or digging in
The Google Blog features insights from Googlers on technology, our
products and the company at large.
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