Google Friends Newsletter - May 2010

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Google Friends Newsletter

May 28, 2010, 5:13:58 PM5/28/10
to Google Friends
Greetings to our Google Friends. We hope you enjoy this update on our
products and services.


Share your photos from Picasa Web Albums

Like most things in life, photos are best when shared with others.
We've made it simpler to share your photos on Picasa Web Albums right
to Twitter, Google Buzz and Blogger. To share a single photo or an
entire album using any of these sites, just click the appropriate icon
on the right of your photo, customize your message and post it.


Google Wave open to everyone

Google Wave is now available to everyone as part of Google Labs. And
if you use Google Apps, you can enable Wave for your domain. Since we
began previewing Google Wave six months ago, it has been used in many
interesting ways to share, discuss and get work done with groups of
people. Now, you no longer need an invitation to wave- simply sign in
to try it out.

New look for Google search

We've added a new left-hand panel to the search results page that
brings together the most relevant search tools and refinements for any
given query. With the panel, you can quickly and easily jump to and
from different types of results- like Books, Images or News- or narrow
down results by time or topic. The new “Something different” feature,
which you'll sometimes see at the bottom of the left-hand panel, helps
you find other topics that are related to your query. In addition to
this new navigation, we also slightly changed our logo to be brighter
and simpler.

Gulf of Mexico oil spill

We've created a site to help you keep up to date on the Gulf of Mexico
oil spill. With partners like NOAA, NASA and PBS NewsHour, we're
working to compile video, satellite photos, map data and videos on a
daily basis to help you explore data about this ongoing situation.
You'll also find links to information on how you can help.

PAC-MAN's 30th birthday doodle

To celebrate PAC-MAN's 30th birthday, we made our first playable
Google doodle: a PAC-MAN game! If you missed the doodle or didn't get
enough game time, we've set up a permanent home for the game so you
can keep playing. Press the "Insert Coin" button twice and Ms. PAC-MAN
joins the party for a two-player game. (Ms. PAC-MAN is controlled by
the ASDW keys, and PAC-MAN is controlled by the arrow keys.)

Google TV

Google TV combines your familiar TV with the freedom and power of the
Internet. You can seamlessly move between television and the web-
opening up your TV from a few hundred channels to millions of channels
of entertainment from both TV and the web. You can easily search for
shows or websites across your DVR, your television and the Internet.
Google TV is not yet available, but you can sign up now to receive


Small businesses are an essential part of the economy, but it can be
hard to make your business a success, especially in tough times. We're
proud that over the years, Google tools — like AdWords, AdSense and
search—have helped many entrepreneurs find customers and grow their
business, both on and offline. So we've released a report with
information about how Google generates economic activity for
businesses across the United States. Browse by state to hear from
businesses in your state how they're using Google to build their
business, or download the full report.
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