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Jakub Muszynski

May 24, 2014, 8:18:45 AM5/24/14

I'm trying to get copy of my data - photos upload to Google+ Photo via

When I do create custom archive, containig "Google Photos" it works for a while, and display under "My archives" 
"Archive for one Google serivice - less than 1Mb", although there are about 3GB of photos, and it's not "downloadable",

Any ideas how can I get my data?

What I would like to achieve:
I would like to sync _automaticaly_ my Android phone with my PC. It would be nice, if I could have photos in cloud like Google+ Photos.

Previously I was using Ubuntu One, but it's going to end it's service. I tought GoogleDrive / GoogleCloud would be nice replacment, but currently I can sync phone with cloud, but I don't see an option for sycn cloud -> Ubuntu.
I would like not to use another service, since there are too many accounts to manage, but I know that DropBox would do what I need :/

Jakub Muszynski

May 26, 2014, 3:32:11 PM5/26/14
Well, I haven't find any proper way to sync Google+ Photo yet, I did move to DropBox, but it's not perfect (it does rename filenames, i need oryginal name, so here is quick rename script)

Anyway, I think of moving to OwnCloud
since you data is 100% private (if you use own hosting), and there are no problems with file sync or file renaming....

The script
#less :

#!/usr/bin/env python

import os


#Current file format: 2014-03-22 14.32.49.jpg
#Expected file format: 2014-03-22_143249.jpg

for myFile in files:
    if " " in myFile:
        date,hour = myFile.split(" ")
        if len(hour.split('.')) == 4:
            hourNew = hour.split('.')[0] + hour.split('.')[1] + hour.split('.')[2] + '.jpg'
            print "%s %s %s" % (date,hour,hourNew)
            newName = date + '_' + hourNew
            print newName 
            os.rename(myFile, newName)
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