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Mark A

Feb 21, 2012, 1:13:59 PM2/21/12
to Google+ Feature Suggestions
sync discussion at!topic/google-plus-discuss/uwSKgknh1xA

My use situation is- I am new to Google+. I have well over 4000
gmail contacts, of which a subset are in more than 50 contact groups.

I simply need way to place/invite all the persons in a contact group
into a circle. This issue is the major issue I have that impedes my
Google+ usage.

For my needs, several possible changes to google contacts and google+
would work as follows:

Possibility A
In contacts go to group that is desired to be a circle. Check box
"all". Click on groups button, scroll to bottom and ( a CHANGE)
circles could show up to be selected like other groups.

Possiblilty B
When adding to circles allow group name to be input into add field

Possibility C
Fully merge groups and circles.

I have tried and looked for workarounds- if you know of any (that
allow moving groups and do NOT require to move every contact) PLEASE
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