Photos from you phone (web app)

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Co Stultjens

Jan 22, 2012, 9:29:04 AM1/22/12
Instant upload is a great feature, but it lags some options to make full use of it.

Photos from you phone.
In the web app it gives you the ability to move these to an albume, great!

There is a but: Once you've added it to an album it won't show anywhere.

Say two days later you are reviewing your photos from your phone folder on the web and you per accident upload it again to the same album.

As this is possible you will notice that the photo will show up twice in the album you moved it to.

Something else: I've discussed the other missing option to make use of instant upload in another topic. The android app should have the option to move it to an album to prevent having the photo in 2 places in your folders (It will get a mess).
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