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kevin bourrillion

Mar 21, 2008, 8:28:05 PM3/21/08
to Google Collections Library - developer list, Google Collections Library - users list
I'm glad to announce that I've finally, after five months, pushed out a new snapshot of the Google Collections Library.

You're probably using google-collect-snapshot-20071022.jar today, but please switch to google-collect-snapshot-20080321 and tell us if you have any problems!

We've been busy:
  • Functions and Predicates each implement eq()/hC()/tS() and are serializable
  • Functions: toHashCode(), toStringFunction() (* replaces TO_STRING)
  • Predicates: notNull, isSameAs(), in(), compose()
  • Sets: newSetFromMap(), newWeakHashSet(), newSoftHashSet(), newEnumSet()
  • Itera...s: size(), isEmpty(), limit(), skip(), getLast()
  • Iterators: emptyListIterator(); peekingIterator() (returning new PeekingIterator interface)
  • Ordering: like "Comparator++"; has max(), min(), sort(), sortedCopy(), binarySearch(), reverseOrder(); Comparators methods return these now
  • ObjectArrays: newArray(T[], int)
  • Suppliers: ofInstance(), compose(), memoize()
  • ImmutableList class (* replaces Lists.immutableList())
  • ImmutableSet class (* replaces Sets.immutableSet())
Plus, a lot of work has been done on updating and polishing the javadoc; you won't notice this directly but we're sure the impact will be felt.

A big thanks to Jared Levy, Chris Povirk, Jesse Wilson, Mick Killianey and others for all the great work represented here.

I am now working on getting the unit tests made available (no, really), which is not impossible but definitely harder than it sounds.  Stay tuned.


Kevin Bourrillion @ Google
internal: go/javalibraries

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