Google Cloud CLI 409.0.0 is now available

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Nov 8, 2022, 10:02:51 PM11/8/22
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Hi all,

Google Cloud CLI 409.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 409.0.0 (2022-11-08)

### Breaking Changes

*   **(Compute Engine)** Modified stockout errors to show entire error object to user in yaml format instead of just error message.
*   **(Compute Engine)**
*   **(Compute Engine)** Modified quota exceeded errors to show additional information to user instead of just error message.

### Google Cloud CLI

*   Modified `gcloud config list` to accept both a section name and `--all`
    flag. The command will display all the set and unset properties when
    specifying both.

### Anthos Multi-Cloud

*   Added `--allow-missing` flag to the following command groups:
    `gcloud container aws clusters delete`,
    `gcloud container aws node-pools delete`,
    `gcloud container azure clients delete`,
    `gcloud container azure clusters delete`,
    `gcloud container azure node-pools delete`,
    to allow the delete request to succeed, even if the cluster, node-pool
    or client resource does not exist.

### Cloud Composer

* Added  `--skip-airflow-overrides-setting` to `gcloud beta composer snapshots load` to allow skipping setting Airflow overrides from the snapshot.
* Added  `--skip-environment-variables-setting` to `gcloud beta composer snapshots load` to allow skipping setting environment variables from the snapshot.
* Added  `--skip-gcs-data-copying` to `gcloud beta composer snapshots load` to allow skipping copying dags, plugins and data folders from the snapshot.

### Cloud Datastream

* Added the `max_concurrent_cdc_tasks` support to `--mysql-source-config` and `--oracle-source-config` flags in `gcloud datastream streams`.

### Cloud Filestore

*  Fixed issue where `--kms-key` was being ignored in `gcloud filestore backups create` command.

### Cloud Firestore Emulator

* Promoted `gcloud emulators firestore` to GA.
*   Release Cloud Firestore emulator v1.15.1
    *   feat: allow users to configure websocket port

### Cloud Functions

*   Fixed issue where `gcloud functions list` would crash when a 2nd Gen-only
    region was specified using `--regions`.

### Cloud Logging

*   Updated `gcloud logging read` to accept multiple resources to query using a
    new `--resource-names` flag.

### Cloud SQL

* Added the following flags to `gcloud sql instances create` in BETA:
   * `--timeout`

### Compute Engine

* Added `--split-source-commitment` to `gcloud compute commitments create` for beta and GA.
* Promoted `any-single-zone` value support for the flag
  `--target-distribution-shape` of `gcloud compute instance-groups managed
  create` / `update` to beta.
* Added keyword `network-attachment` for `--network-interface` in `gcloud compute instances create`.
* Promoted `--max-run-duration` flag of `gcloud compute instances create` to beta.
  * Allows specifying the duration of time after which the instance will terminate.
* Promoted `--termination-time` flag of `gcloud compute instances create` to beta.
  * Allows specifying the timestamp that the instance will terminate.
* Added 3 additional accepted values to `--enforce-on-key` for  `gcloud compute security-policies rules create|update` and promoted it to GA.
* Promoted `gcloud compute network-edge-security-services` command group to GA.
* Promoted `--region` and '--global' flags of `gcloud compute security-policies` to GA.
* Promoted `--network-ddos-protection` flag of `gcloud compute security-policies update` to GA.

### Distributed Cloud Edge

*  Removed unsupported GPU_TYPE field from `gcloud edge-cloud container machines list`. This field will be restored once the API provides accurate GPU information.

### GKE Hub

* Fixed a bug where `gcloud container fleet memberships get-credentials` and `gcloud container hub memberships get-credentials` would not return an error when the membership argument was left empty.

### Kubernetes Engine

*   Corrected outdated description help text of `gcloud container node-pools delete`.
*   Added `--private-endpoint-subnetwork` and `--enable-google-cloud-access` flags to `gcloud container clusters create` and `gcloud container clusters create-auto`.
*   Added `--enable-google-cloud-access` and `--enable-private-endpoint` flags to `gcloud container clusters update`.
*   Added `--enable-private-nodes` flag to `gcloud container node-pools create` and `gcloud container node-pools update`.

### Notebooks

* Added `gcloud notebooks instances diagnose` and `gcloud notebooks runtimes diagnose` commands to GA.
  These commands provide access to the AI Platform Notebooks new Diagnose API.

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