Cloud SDK 330.0.0 is now available

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Kenneth Bandes

Mar 2, 2021, 1:33:13 PMMar 2
Hi all,

Cloud SDK 330.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 330.0.0 (2021-03-02)

### Breaking Changes

*   **(Cloud Code)** Downgraded `--env-vars` and `--env-vars-file` to alpha.

### Cloud SDK

* Added bundled Python 3 option for macOS installations. See
`gcloud topics startup` and <>.
* Fixed issue where `gcloud emulators ... start` commands would leave behind
  emulator processes when Ctrl+C was pressed.

### Cloud Dataproc

*   Added `--cluster-labels` flag to `gcloud dataproc jobs submit`
    to allow jobs to be placed on a cluster matching specified cluster labels.

### Cloud Healthcare

* Added `--filter-config-gcs-uri` flag to the following commands:
  * `gcloud beta healthcare dicoms-stores export gcs`
  * `gcloud beta healthcare dicoms-stores export bq`

### Cloud On Demand Scanning

*   Updated some error messages to be more clear.
*   Added a prompt to the beginning of `gcloud beta artifacts docker images
    scan` to install the `local-extract` component.

### Cloud Pub/Sub

* Promoted `--partitions` flag in `gcloud pubsub lite-topics update` to GA.
* Added `--view` flag to `gcloud beta schemas list` to allow retrieval of schema definitions.

### Cloud Run

* Fixed bug on force-override prompt for
  `gcloud beta run domain-mappings create` where it would fail to re-create
  the domain mapping after deleting the one without the override.

### Compute Engine

* Promoted `gcloud compute public-advertised-prefixes` to beta.
* Added `--request-coalescing` to `gcloud beta compute backend-services create`,  `gcloud beta compute backend-services update`,
  `gcloud beta compute backend-buckets create` and `gcloud beta compute backend-buckets update`.
* Promoted support for `gce-vm-ip` for `--network-endpoint-type` for `gcloud compute network-endpoint-groups create` and `gcloud compute network-endpoint-groups update` to GA.

### Config Connector

* Updated Google Cloud Config Connector to version 1.39.0.
  See Config Connector Overview for more details [](

### Kubernetes Engine

* Added `--pod-ipv4-range` and `--create-pod-ipv4-range` flags to
  `gcloud beta container node-pools create` to configure pod ranges for the
  node pools.

Subscribe to these release notes at [!forum/google-cloud-sdk-announce](!forum/google-cloud-sdk-announce).

 As always, please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have via our issue tracker: <>. You can also ask for help on Stack Overflow, under the `gcloud` tag, or in the mailing list.
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