Cloud SDK 321.0.0 is now available

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Will Faris

Dec 15, 2020, 4:35:39 PM12/15/20
Hi all,

Cloud SDK 321.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 321.0.0 (2020-12-15)

### Breaking Changes

*   **(Dataproc Metastore)** Renamed `gcloud beta metastore services update --kerberos_principal` flag as

### Cloud SDK

* Added new regions for Artifact Registry: europe-west5, asia-northeast3,
us-west3, us-west4, asia-southeast2.

### AI

* Added parameters args and command to `gcloud beta ai custom-jobs create` which provides ability to pass the parameters to containers or python tasks.

### Cloud Access Context Manager

* Added `ingress-policies` and `egress-policies` optional flags to the following
    * `gcloud beta access-context-manager perimeters create`.
    * `gcloud beta access-context-manager perimeters update`.
    * `gcloud beta access-context-manager perimeters dry-run create`.
    * `gcloud beta access-context-manager perimeters dry-run update`.
* The `ingress-policies` and `egress-policies` flags accept paths to yaml files.
 The content of the yaml files should contain valid representations of
 IngressPolicies and EgressPolicies.
* Added support for displaying the contents of Ingress and EgressPolicies for
 following commands:
    * `gcloud beta access-context-manager perimeters describe`.
    * `gcloud beta access-context-manager perimeters dry-run describe`.

### Cloud Composer

* Added the following flags to `gcloud composer environments create` to manage Airflow web server network access control:
  * `--web-server-allow-ip`
  * `--web-server-deny-all`
  * `--web-server-allow-all`
* Added the following flags to `gcloud composer environments update` to manage Airflow web server network access control:
  * `--update-web-server-allow-ip`
  * `--web-server-deny-all`
  * `--web-server-allow-all`

### Cloud Dataproc

*   Promoted `--dag-timeout` flag of `gcloud dataproc workflow-templates create`
    to GA.
*   Promoted `gcloud dataproc workflow-templates set-dag-timeout` to GA.
*   Promoted `gcloud dataproc workflow-templates remove-dag-timeout` to GA.
* Added `gcloud beta dataproc clusters stop` and
  `gcloud beta dataproc clusters start` commands to enable stopping and starting
  Dataproc clusters.

### Cloud Firestore Emulator

* Release Cloud Firestore emulator v1.11.11
  * Fix listCollectionId not returning collections with nested docs.
  * Fix listDocuments with showMissing returning 500 errors.

### Cloud Run

* Added multitenancy support to `gcloud run` commands <>.
* Promoted `--vpc-egress` flag of `gcloud run deploy` and
  `gcloud run services update` to GA.
* Promoted `--ingress` flag of `gcloud run deploy` and
  `gcloud run services update` to beta.

### Cloud SQL

* Promoted `--type` flag of `gcloud sql users create` to GA to support the
  creation of Cloud SQL database users for login using IAM database

### Cloud Services

* Promoted `gcloud services peered-dns-domains <create|delete|list>` to GA.
* Promoted `gcloud services vpc-peerings <enable-vpc-service-controls|disable-vpc-service-controls>` to GA.

### Cloud Storage

* Updated gsutil component to 4.57.

### Compute Engine

* Removed centos-6 option from `--os` flag for `gcloud compute images import`,
  `gcloud compute instances import`, and `gcloud compute machine-images import`.
* Promoted TrafficDirector proxyBind property to v1 for:
  * `gcloud compute target-http-proxies import`
  * `gcloud compute target-http-proxies export`
  * `gcloud compute target-https-proxies import`
  * `gcloud compute target-https-proxies export`
* Added `no-address` flag to:
  * `gcloud beta compute images import`
  * `gcloud beta compute machine-images import`
* Promoted `--disk` and `--accelerator` flags in `gcloud compute sole-tenancy
  node-templates create` command to GA.
* Added `--shielded-vtpm`, `--shielded-secure-boot`, and `--shielded-integrity-monitoring` flags to `gcloud compute instances create-with-container` command.
* Added `--shielded-vtpm`, `--shielded-secure-boot`, and `--shielded-integrity-monitoring` flags to `gcloud compute instance-templates create-with-container` command.
* Added `--shielded-vtpm`, `--shielded-secure-boot`, `--shielded-integrity-monitoring`, and `--shielded-learn-integrity-policy` flags to `gcloud compute instances update-container` command.
* Promoted the following flags in `gcloud compute backend-services create`, `gcloud compute backend-services update`,
  `gcloud compute backend-buckets create` and `gcloud compute backend-buckets update` to GA:
  * `--cache-mode`
  * `--[no-]client-ttl`
  * `--[no-]default-ttl`
  * `--[no-]max-ttl`
  * `--[no-]custom-response-header`
* Added the following fields to `gcloud compute backend-services import` and `gcloud compute backend-services export`:
  * customResponseHeader
  * cdnPolicy:
    * cacheMode
    * clientTtl
    * defaultTtl
    * maxTtl

### Events

* Added URI support to `--target-service` of `gcloud events triggers create`.
* Modify `--type` flag of `gcloud events triggers create` to be optional for ApiServerSource.

### Kubernetes Engine

*   Added `--addons=GcePersistentDiskCsiDriver` to `gcloud container clusters
    create` and `--update-addons=GcePersistentDiskCsiDriver` to `gcloud
    container clusters update` to enable/disable the GCP Compute Persistent
    Disk Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver.

### Miscellaneous

*   Informational messages printed during installation are now printed to
    stderr, rather than stdout.

### Pubsub Emulator

*   Added dead letter queue feature to the emulator.

### Transcoder

*   Promoted `gcloud transcoder` to beta.

### VPC Access

* Added a new `subnet` flag to `gcloud compute networks vpc-access connectors
    create` which can be used to specify a subnet to house the
    connector rather than specifying `network` and `range` flags.
    * If the provided subnet is a shared subnet, the flag `subnet-project` has
        been added to specify the host project id.

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 As always, please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have via our issue tracker: <>. You can also ask for help on Stack Overflow, under the `gcloud` tag, or in the mailing list.
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