Cloud SDK 313.0.0 is now available

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Coco Sheng

Oct 6, 2020, 1:01:06 PM10/6/20
Hi all,

Cloud SDK 313.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 313.0.0 (2020-10-06)

### Anthos

*   Fixed issue where v2alpha1 Login-Config could not be read from URL in
    `gcloud` anthos auth login command.

### Artifact Registry

*   Added `gcloud beta artifacts repositories update` to enable changing the
    description and labels on an existing repository.

### Certificate Authority Service

* Added `gcloud beta privateca` command group which enables creating and
  managing private certificate authorities and certificates. For more
  information, see `<>`.

### Cloud API Gateway

* Added `gcloud api-gateway` to beta, which adds commands for managing APIs, API
  Configs, and the Gateways that serve those APIs.

### Cloud Build

*   Statically linked `cloud-build-local` component. For more information, see

### Cloud Data Catalog

*   Promoted `gcloud data-catalog taxonomies` to GA release track.

### Cloud Dataflow

* Added runtime environment parameters support in `gcloud dataflow flex-template run`.

### Cloud Memorystore

* Added `--enable-auth` flag to `gcloud beta redis instances create` to allow
enabling Redis AUTH when creating a new instance.

Added `--[no-]enable-auth` flag to `gcloud beta redis instances update` to allow
enabling and disabling Redis AUTH when updating an instance.

Added `gcloud beta redis instances get-auth-string` command to allow viewing the
AUTH string for an instance.

### Cloud Pub/Sub

* Promoted `gcloud pubsub lite-topics` and `gcloud pubsub lite-subscriptions` to GA. For more information about Pub/Sub Lite, see <>.

### Cloud Run

* Promoted `--min-instances` flag of `gcloud run deploy` and
  `gcloud run services update` to beta for `--platform=managed`.

### Cloud SQL

* Promoted server-level `--deny-maintenance-period-start-date`,
  `--deny-maintenance-period-end-date`, `--deny-maintenance-period-time` and
  `--remove-deny-maintenance-period` flags of `gcloud sql instances create/patch`
  to GA.

### Cloud Services

* Promoted `gcloud services peered-dns-domains <create|delete|list>` to beta.

### Compute Engine

* Promoted `--mtu` flag to beta and GA for `gcloud compute networks
* Promoted `gcloud compute instances set-name` command to beta.
* Promoted `scope` option for `--disk` flag for `gcloud compute instances create` to GA.
* Fixes incorrect error message for 'gcloud compute target-http-proxies
<import>' when the resource already exists.

### Config And Policy Automation

*  Added `pkg` as a gcloud component. `pkg` installs a group of
   Kubernetes Resource Model (KRM) package management tools including:
   `kustomize`, `kpt`, `appctl` and `nomos`.

### Firebase Test Lab

*   Added `--other-files` flag to `gcloud beta firebase test ios run`. This flag
    lets you specify files that are pushed onto the iOS test device prior to

### Identity Groups

*   Promoted `gcloud identity groups create` to GA.
*   Promoted `gcloud identity groups search` to GA.

### Identity Groups Memberships

*   Promoted `gcloud identity groups memberships describe` to GA.

### Identity and Access Management

*   Added `gcloud beta iam workload-identity-pools` which enables you to grant
    on-premises or multi-cloud workloads access to Google Cloud resources,
    without using a service account key.

### Pubsub Emulator

*   Increased server gRPC max message size to 10 MB with some buffer. Allows for
    publishing 10 MB messages.

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Note: Cloud SDK introduced support for Python 3 in release 274.0.0 and users are strongly encouraged to migrate to Python 3. Support for Python 2 will be deprecated on September 30, 2020. See also [Python 2 Sunset]( and [Using Python 3](
 As always, please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have via our issue tracker: <>. You can also ask for help on Stack Overflow, under the `gcloud` tag, or in the mailing list.
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