Cloud SDK 329.0.0 is now available

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Chris Gerber

Feb 23, 2021, 1:19:55 PMFeb 23
Hi all,

Cloud SDK 329.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 329.0.0 (2021-02-23)

### Breaking Changes

*   **(Container Registry)** Fixed issue where `gcloud containers images list-tags` doesn't show occurrence metadata.

### AI

* Added `--network` and `--service-account` to `gcloud beta ai <custom-jobs|hp-tuning-jobs> create` to allow specifying a peering network and user service account.

### Cloud Asset Inventory

* Added `--relationship-type` flag to `gcloud beta asset export`.

### Cloud Code

* Promoted `gcloud code dev` and `gcloud code clean-up` to beta.

### Cloud Composer

* Added `--kms-key` flag to `gcloud composer environments` command to specify the Customer-managed KMS key name to use for encrypting the Composer environment.

### Cloud Functions

* Fixed a performance issue in `gcloud functions logs read` by adding a default value of 1 week ago for `--start-time`.

### Cloud Memorystore

* Added `--transit-encryption-mode` flag to `gcloud redis instances create`
to allow enabling Redis TLS with server authentication when
creating a new instance.
* Modified `--region` flag to be optional in `gcloud memcache`. If not
specified, use the value in `memcache/region` property.

### Cloud Pub/Sub

* Added `gcloud beta pubsub schemas validate-schema` to allow validation of PROTOCOL_BUFFER and AVRO schemas.
* Added `gcloud beta pubsub schemas validate-message` to allow validation of messages against an existing or inline schema.

### Compute Engine

* Promoted `--provisioned-iops` flag of `gcloud compute disks create` to beta.
* Promoted `gcloud compute url-maps validate` to GA.
* Promoted labels-related flags for `gcloud compute forwarding-rules update` to GA.
* Modified `--short-name` of `gcloud compute firewall-policies create` to be a required flag.
* Promoted `--proxy-bind` flag of `gcloud compute target-tcp-proxies create` to GA.
* Allow `--target-tcp-proxy` for `gcloud compute forwarding-rules` `create` and `set-target`
  with specified `-load-balancing-scheme=INTERNAL_SELF_MANAGED`.
* Added functionality in `gcloud beta compute images import` to import images from
* Promoted `gcloud compute resource-policies create instance-schedule` command to GA.

### Identity Groups

*   Added `--dynamic-user-query` flag to `gcloud identity update`.

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