Google Cloud CLI 422.0.0 is now available

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Mar 14, 2023, 5:58:23 PM3/14/23
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Hi all,

Google Cloud CLI 422.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 422.0.0 (2023-03-14)

### Breaking Changes

*   **(Cloud Pub/Sub)** Fixed output format of `gcloud schemas list` and `gcloud schemas list-revisions`
    to remove the DEFINITION column if `--view` is not FULL.

### Google Cloud CLI

* Added `gcloud auth enterprise-certificate-config` to create
  enterprise-certificate configurations.

### Anthos Multi-Cloud

*   Added `--clear-client` flag to `gcloud container azure clusters update` to
    clear the Azure client. This flag is required when updating to use Azure
    workload identity federation from Azure client to manage Azure resources.

### App Engine

* Updated the  Python App Engine devappserver to support a new flag
  It is an optional directory that will be used to setup a Python 3 virtual env
  for the local devappserver execution environment for Python 3 applications.
  If the path does not exist it will be created and it will not be cleanup at
  the end of the devappserver execution, allowing for caching between
  invocations. If not defined, a temporary directory will be used and cleaned up
  at the end of the execution.

### Artifact Registry

* `gcloud beta artifacts settings enable-upgrade-redirection` command no longer requires creating missing repos.

### Bare Metal Solution

* Promoted `gcloud bms instances enable-serial-console` to GA.
* Promoted `gcloud bms instances disable-serial-console` to GA.

### BigQuery

* Updated the bundled google auth libraries.
* Updated bundled libraries to use charset_normalizer with the request library.

### Cloud Datastream

* Added the `max_concurrent_backfill_tasks ` support to `--mysql-source-config`, `--oracle-source-config`, `--postgresql-source-config` flags in `gcloud datastream streams`.

### Cloud Functions

*  Preview of the CMEK support for Cloud Functions, 2nd Gen. In particular,
   promoted `--docker-repository`, `--kms-key`, `--clear-docker-repository` and
   `--clear-kms-key` flags of `gcloud functions deploy --gen2` to beta.

### Cloud Run

* Removed `--condition` flag from `gcloud run {services,jobs} {add,remove}-iam-policy-binding`.

### Cloud Workflows

* Added `--revision-id` flag to `gcloud workflows describe` to allow retrieving
  the source code of a workflow at a specific revision.

### Cloud Workstations

* Added `gcloud beta workstations configs update` which updates a specified
* Added `gcloud beta workstations ssh` which SSH's into a specified workstation.
workstation configuration.

### Compute Engine

* Added `--plan` to `gcloud compute commitments update` to support commitment term upgrade.
* Promoted `gcloud compute security-policies rules add-preconfig-waf-exclusion|remove-preconfig-waf-exclusion` to GA.
* Promoted `--queue-count` flag in `--network-interface` of `gcloud compute instances create` to GA.
* Promoted `--internal-ipv6-address` flag of `gcloud compute instances create` to GA.
* Promoted `--internal-ipv6-prefix-length` flag of `gcloud compute instances create` to GA.
* Added new `ADVANCED_PREVIEW` enum option to `--network-ddos-protection` flag of `gcloud compute security-policies update` in alpha and beta.

### GKE Hub

*   Changed `gcloud container fleet memberships unregister` command to assume
membership region based on gke cluster region by default.

### Network Connectivity

*   Fixed issue where `sort-by` arguments in list spoke command produced type
    validation errors.

### Recaptcha

* Support creating express enabled site keys using `recaptcha keys create --waf-feature=express`.

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