Cloud SDK 316.0.0 is now available

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Hannah (Chani) Dubin

Oct 27, 2020, 4:19:37 PM10/27/20
Hi all,

Cloud SDK 316.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 316.0.0 (2020-10-27)

### Breaking Changes

*   **(Cloud Spanner)** Modified `gcloud spanner operations list` to disallow `--database` or
  `--backup` flags used in combination with `--type=INSTANCE`.
*   **(Vmware Engine)** Renamed `gcloud config vmware/location` to `gcloud config vmware/region`.

### AI

* Added `gcloud beta ai hp-tuning-jobs stream-logs` which provides the ability to stream logs of hyperparameter tuning jobs in AI Platform.

### AI Platform

* Added `--service-account` to `gcloud beta ai-platform jobs submit training`
  to allow specifying a service account to use when running the training appplication for a  training job.
* Updated `--region` flag of `gcloud ai-platform` command to include new CAIP

### App Engine

* Updated the Go SDK to version 1.9.72.
  Please visit the following release notes for details:

### Artifact Registry

* Disallowed creating CMEK-enabled repositories if Artifact Registry service account is not granted sufficient permissions.
* Added a new command `gcloud beta artifacts docker images describe` that shows information of a docker image and optionally the metadata of the image from Container Analysis API.
* Command `gcloud beta artifacts docker images list` will now show metadata of images from Container Analysis API as well.

### Cloud Access Context Manager

* Promoted `gcloud access-context-manager cloud-bindings` to GA.

### Cloud Build

*   Updated `cloud-build-local` to version 0.5.2. This version allows
    `cloud-build-local` to execute without a GCP account, providing a warning
    rather than an error.

### Cloud SQL

*   Promoted Postgres 13 to GA.

### Cloud Shell

* Promoted `gcloud cloud-shell` command group to GA.

### Cloud Storage

* Updated gsutil component to 4.54.

### Cloud Workflows

*   Added `gcloud workflows executions describe-last` to beta which describes the last executed workflow execution that has been cached locally.
*   Added `gcloud workflows executions wait-last` to beta which waits for the last cached workflow execution to complete.
*   Added `gcloud workflows run` to beta which executes a workflow and waits for it to complete.

### Compute Engine

* Promoted `--mtu` flag to beta and GA for `gcloud compute networks
* Promoted `gcloud compute instances set-name` command to beta.
* Promoted `scope` option for `--disk` flag for `gcloud compute instances create` to GA.
* Fixed incorrect error message for `gcloud compute target-http-proxies`.
* Added `--user-licenses` flag to disk create and update command for alpha.
<import>' when the resource already exists.
* Added `gcloud beta compute snapshots create` command. It allows to create
  snapshots of disks.
* Added `--[no-]negative-caching` and `--[no-]negative-caching-policy` to `gcloud beta compute backend-services create`, `gcloud beta compute backend-services update`,
 `gcloud beta compute backend-buckets create` and `gcloud beta compute backend-buckets update`.
* Added `cdnPolicy.negativeCaching` and `cdnPolicy.negativeCachingPolicy` to `gcloud beta compute backend-services import` and `gcloud beta compute backend-services export`.
* Promoted HTTP Filter related resource properties to beta for:
  * `gcloud compute target-http-proxies import`
  * `gcloud compute target-http-proxies export`
  * `gcloud compute target-https-proxies import`
  * `gcloud compute target-https-proxies export`
  * `gcloud compute url-maps import`
  * `gcloud compute url-maps export`

### Config Connector

* Added Google Cloud Config Connector v1.26.0.
  See Config Connector Overview for more details [](

### Events

* Updated `gcloud beta events triggers create` to reference the APIVersion in the subscriber reference of created

### Firebase Test Lab

* Promoted `--testing-special-entitlements` flag of `gcloud firebase test ios
  run` to GA.

### Kpt

* Updated kpt from v0.34.0 to v0.35.0.
* Updated import of cli-utils from v0.20.1 to v0.20.6.
* Updated import of kyaml from v0.8.0 to v0.9.2.
* Updated import of cmd/config from v0.8.0 to v0.8.3.

### Kubernetes Engine

* Added `--release-channel=None` option to `gcloud container clusters create`. This option is used to explicitly opt-out of release channels.

Subscribe to these release notes at [!forum/google-cloud-sdk-announce](!forum/google-cloud-sdk-announce).

 As always, please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have via our issue tracker: <>. You can also ask for help on Stack Overflow, under the `gcloud` tag, or in the mailing list.

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