Google Cloud CLI 424.0.0 is now available

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Mar 28, 2023, 5:41:45 PMMar 28
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Hi all,

Google Cloud CLI 424.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 424.0.0 (2023-03-28)

### Breaking Changes

*   **(Artifact Registry)** Fixed issue where the default table format was used when `--show-occurrences` flag was passed in, even though that format prevented occurrences from being displayed. Changed to use the default format when the flag is used. Use the same command without `--show-occurrences` to get the old behavior.

### Artifact Registry

* Allow using `gcloud beta artifacts images describe` with Artifact Registry
repos that use domain.
* Promoted `artifacts settings describe` `artifacts settings enable-upgrade-redirection`, and `artifacts settings disable-upgrade-redirection` commands to GA.

### BigQuery

* Fixed issue storing `--api` flag in the `.bigqueryrc` file.
* Added the option for three-year capacity commitment plans.
* Updated wcwidth to version `0.2.6`.

### Certificate Manager

* Promoted `gcloud certificate-manager issuance-configs` to GA.

### Cloud Build

* Added `--default-buckets-behavior` flag to `gcloud builds submit`.

### Cloud Deploy

* Added `gcloud deploy rollouts advance` to alpha and beta.
* Added `gcloud deploy rollouts cancel` to alpha and beta.
* Added `gcloud deploy rollouts ignore-job` to alpha and beta.
* Added `gcloud deploy job-runs terminate` to alpha and beta.
* Added `starting-phase-id` flag to `gcloud deploy targets redeploy`.
* Added `starting-phase-id` flag to `gcloud deploy targets rollback`.
* Added `starting-phase-id` flag to `gcloud deploy releases promote`.
* Added `initial-rollout-phase-id` flag to `gcloud deploy releases create`.

### Cloud Memorystore

*   Added `--maintenance-version` flag to `gcloud redis instances update`
    to allow updating a maintenance version when updating an instance.

### Cloud Run

* Promoted `gcloud run jobs` command group and its sub-commands to GA,
  except for the following commands:
  * `gcloud beta run jobs deploy`
  * `gcloud beta run jobs logs`
  * `gcloud beta run jobs executions logs`
* Promoted `--encryption-key-shutdown-hours` and `--clear-encryption-key-shutdown-hours` flags of `gcloud run deploy`
  and `gcloud run services update` to GA for `--platform=managed`.

### Cloud SQL

*   Added `gcloud sql instances reencrypt`, which re-encrypts a Cloud SQL CMEK instance with the current primary key version in alpha.

### Cloud TPU

* Update `gcloud compute tpus tpu-vm create` to allow configuration of TPUs
with chip topology using `--type` and `--topology` flags.

### Compute Engine

* Promoted `disk-consistency-group` argument of
  `gcloud compute resource-policies create` to beta.
* Promoted `--primary-disk`, `--primary-disk-project`, `--primary-disk-region`,
  and `--primary-disk-zone` of `gcloud compute disks create` to beta.
* Promoted `gcloud compute disks start-async-replication` to beta.
* Promoted `gcloud compute disks stop-async-replication` to beta.
* Promoted `gcloud compute disks stop-group-async-replication` to beta.
* Promoted `gcloud compute disks bulk create` to beta.
* Fixed documentation for `--update-policy-max-surge` and `--update-policy-replacement-method` flags.
* Promoted `--queue-count` flag in `--network-interface` of `gcloud compute instance-templates create` to GA.
* Promoted `--queue-count` flag in `--network-interface` of `gcloud compute instances bulk create` to GA.

### Database Migration

* Added `demote-destination` request to `gcloud database-migration migration-jobs`
  to allow demoting the destination of a migration job.

### Dataproc Metastore

* Promoted the `custom-routes-enabled` boolean value to the `network-config-from-file` flag of `gcloud metastore services create` to v1alpha and v1beta.
* Fixed issue where commands including an `--instance-size` flag would fail if the user specified an enum value of `EXTRA_SMALL` or `EXTRA_LARGE`.

### Eventarc

* Added `--event-data-content-type` flag to `gcloud eventarc triggers create` and `gcloud eventarc triggers update` to label the type of payload in MIME format that is expected from the CloudEvent data field.

### Kpt

* Updated kpt from v1.0.0-beta.27 to v1.0.0-beta.29. See <> and previous release notes for more details.

### Kubernetes Engine

* Updates default kubectl from 1.24.11 to 1.24.12.
* Additional kubectl versions:
  * kubectl.1.21 (1.21.14)
  * kubectl.1.22 (1.22.17)
  * kubectl.1.23 (1.23.17)
  * kubectl.1.24 (1.24.12)
  * kubectl.1.25 (1.25.8)
  * kubectl.1.26 (1.26.3)

### Network Security

* Promoted `gcloud network-security url-lists` to beta.
* Promoted `gcloud network-security gateway-security-policies` to beta.
* Promoted `gcloud network-security gateway-security-policy-rules` to beta.

### Recaptcha

* Added `--support-non-google-app-store-distribution` to `recaptcha keys create`
that enables support for non-Google Play Store distributed applications for the

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