Cloud SDK 320.0.0 is now available

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Kenneth Bandes

Dec 8, 2020, 12:51:44 PM12/8/20
Hi all,

Cloud SDK 320.0.0 is now available for download at:

Release notes can be found here:

 ## 320.0.0 (2020-12-08)

### AI Platform

* Updated the following command groups to display a choice of available regions
  if a region hasn't been specified:
   * `gcloud ai-platform models`
   * `gcloud ai-platform versions`
   * `gcloud ai-platform predict`
   * `gcloud ai-platform explain`
  Learn more about regional endpoints and see a list of available regions here:

### App Engine

* Updated `gcloud beta app instances list` and `gcloud beta app instances describe`
  to return the auto healer health check (i.e. liveness) for the flexible
* Updated the Java SDK to version 1.9.84.
  Please visit the following release notes for details:

### Assured Workloads

*   Change `--next-rotation-time` and `--rotation-period` flags of `gcloud
    assured workloads create` to be optional.
*   Add `--provisioned-resources-parent` flag to `gcloud assured workloads
    create` command.

### BigQuery

* Added schema to jobs.query dry run reply.
* Supported `bq partition` command for HOUR/MONTH/YEAR time partitioning types.
* Supported Avro logical types for creating new external tables.
* Added `PARQUET` as option for export type. This feature is still experimental.

### Cloud Asset Inventory

* Added `gcloud asset bulk-export` command to beta which enables the user to export GCP
  resource configurations in Kubernetes Resource Model or Terraform formats.

### Cloud Billing

* Promoted `gcloud billing budgets` to GA.
    * Renamed `all-updates-rule-*` flags as `notifications-rule-*` flags in GA.

### Cloud Build

* Added flag `--no-external-ip` to `gcloud beta builds worker-pools
  <create|update>` commands.

### Cloud Composer

* Added `--kms-key-name` flag to `gcloud beta composer environments` command to
specify the Customer-managed KMS key name to use for encrypting the Composer

### Cloud DNS

*   Fixed issue where `gcloud dns managed-zones update` could not remove labels.
    This issue can be tracked at <>.

### Cloud Dataproc

*   Added `--max-failures-total` flag to `gcloud dataproc jobs submit`
    to allow jobs to be restarted in event of a failure during job execution.

### Cloud Filestore

* Removed deprecation warning of `--location` flag from the `gcloud filestore` command group.
* Added `gcloud filestore operations cancel` to cancel a Filestore operation.

### Cloud Functions

* Fixed issue where `gcloud functions deploy` would crash with an AttributeError
  when provided invalid YAML data. This issue can be tracked at

### Cloud Key Management Service

*   Added client-side request and response integrity verification to `gcloud kms
    encrypt`, `gcloud kms decrypt`, `gcloud kms asymmetric-sign`, `gcloud kms
    asymmetric-decrypt` in beta.
    For more information about Cloud KMS's integrity verification API, visit
*   Added `--skip-integrity-verification` flag to `gcloud kms encrypt`, `gcloud
    kms decrypt`, `gcloud kms asymmetric-sign`, `gcloud kms asymmetric-decrypt`
    in beta.

### Cloud Logging

* Promoted the following commands that support Logs Buckets and Logs Views to beta:
   * `gcloud logging buckets`
   * `gcloud logging sinks`
   * `gcloud logging read`
   * `gcloud logging locations`
   * `gcloud logging cmek-settings`
   Logs Buckets are GA, while Logs Views and Regionalized Logs Buckets are in Preview.
* Promoted `--use-partitioned-tables` of `gcloud logging sinks` to beta.
  BigQuery sinks with partitioned tables are GA.

### Cloud Memorystore

* Added `--transit-encryption-mode` flag to `gcloud beta redis instances create`
to allow enabling Redis TLS with server authentication when
creating a new instance.

### Cloud Source Repositories

*   Fixed issue where `gcloud source repos clone` installed its credential
    helper for all URLs instead of only for Cloud Source Repositories URLs.
    This issue can be tracked at

### Cloud Spanner

* Added `--strong` and `--read-timestamp` flags to
  `gcloud spanner databases execute-sql` to give more control over the timestamp
  of a read-only query.
* Added throttling state to the output of `gcloud spanner operations list`.

### Compute Engine

* Promoted the following flags in `gcloud compute instance-groups managed
  set-autoscaling` to GA:
    * `--stackdriver-metric-single-instance-assignment`
    * `--stackdriver-metric-utilization-target-type`
    * `--stackdriver-metric-utilization-target`
    * `--stackdriver-metric-filter`
    * `--update-stackdriver-metric`
    * `--remove-stackdriver-metric`
  For more information see `<>`.
* Promoted `--distribution-target-shape` flag in `gcloud compute instance-groups managed create` command to beta.
* Promoted `--distribution-target-shape` flag in `gcloud compute instance-groups managed update` command to beta.
* Promoted `--network`, `--subnetwork`, and `--private-network-ip` flags of
`gcloud compute instances network-interfaces update` to GA.
* Promoted  `--enable-endpoint-independent-mapping` flag of `compute routers nats create` and `compute routers nats update` to GA.
* Promoted the following flags in `gcloud compute instance-groups managed
  set-autoscaling` to Beta:
    * `--set-schedule`
    * `--schedule-cron`
    * `--schedule-duration-sec`
    * `--schedule-min-required-replicas`
    * `--schedule-time-zone`
    * `--schedule-description`
* Promoted the following flags in `gcloud compute instance-groups managed
  update-autoscaling` to Beta:
    * `--set-schedule`
    * `--remove-schedule`
    * `--enable-schedule`
    * `--disable-schedule`
    * `--update-schedule`
    * `--schedule-cron`
    * `--schedule-duration-sec`
    * `--schedule-min-required-replicas`
    * `--schedule-time-zone`
    * `--schedule-description`
* Promoted `--[no-]enable-logging` flag of `gcloud compute health-checks`
  command group to GA.
* Promoted `gcloud compute instance-groups managed describe-instance` to GA.
* Extended `gcloud beta compute target-tcp-proxies create` command with `--proxy-bind` flag.
* Allow `--target-tcp-proxy` for `gcloud beta compute forwarding-rules` `create` and `set-target`
  with specified `-load-balancing-scheme=INTERNAL_SELF_MANAGED`.
* Promoted `--no-address` flag in `gcloud beta compute instances import` command to GA.

### Config Connector

* Updated Google Cloud Config Connector to version 1.32.0.
  See Config Connector Overview for more details [](

### Dataproc Metastore

*   Added `gcloud metastore services export gcs` which exports metadata
    from a Dataproc Metastore service.
*   Removed `--maintenance-window-day-of-week` and
    `--maintenance-window-hour-of-day`. Use `--maintenance-window-day` and
    `--maintenance-window-hour` instead.
*   Fixed issue where `--maintenance-window-day-of-week` and
    `--maintenance-window-hour-of-day` flags were not both required in `gcloud
    metastore services update`.
*   Promoted `gcloud metastore services` to beta.
*   Promoted `gcloud metastore imports` to beta.
*   Promoted `gcloud metastore operations` to beta.
*   Promoted `gcloud metastore locations` to beta.

### Events

* Added URI support to `--target-service` of `gcloud events triggers create`.
* Updated `gcloud beta events init` to set the roles `monitoring.metricWriter`
and `cloudtrace.agent` for the data plane service account.

### GKE Hub

* Promoted `gcloud container hub memberships get-credentials` to beta.

### Kubernetes Engine

*   Promoted `--private-ipv6-google-access-type` to GA.
*   Fixed behavior of `--no-enable-stackdriver-kubernetes` flag of `gcloud container clusters update` command group.
* Updates default kubectl from 1.16 to 1.17.
* Additional kubectl versions:
  * kubectl.1.15 (1.15.12)
  * kubectl.1.16 (1.16.15)
  * kubectl.1.17 (1.17.14)
  * kubectl.1.18 (1.18.12)

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 As always, please let us know of any issues or feedback you may have via our issue tracker: <>. You can also ask for help on Stack Overflow, under the `gcloud` tag, or in the mailing list.
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