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Quinten De Wilde

Feb 23, 2021, 3:57:05 AMFeb 23
to Chrome DevTools

Is there a way that I can extract the following data in **Chrome Devtools Console**.

Currently I do the following in the console of the chrome devtool: 


I get a list with all the `a` tags and I need from all the `a.username` the `InnerHTML` or the `innerText`

    86: a
    87: a.username
    88: a
    89: a
    90: a.username
    91: a
    92: a
    93: a.username
    94: a
    95: a
    96: a.username
    97: a
    98: a
    99: a.username
    [100 … 198]
    100: a
    101: a
    102: a.username
    103: a
    104: a
    105: a.username
    106: a
    107: a
    108: a.username
    109: a
    110: a
    111: a.username

It's unclear for me how to proceed further into getting this. Lots of terminology makes it unclear what the `InnerHTML` is from the `a` tag and how to extract this for all the same `a.username`

    hrefTranslate: ""
    hreflang: ""
    id: ""
    innerHTML: "**Ineedthis**"
    innerText: "**Orthis**"
    inputMode: ""
    isConnected: true
    isContentEditable: false
    lang: ""

Yang Guo

Feb 23, 2021, 4:05:42 AMFeb 23
to Google Chrome Developer Tools
`$x` gives you an array. You probably want to try something like `$x("//a").map(x=>x.innerHTML)`

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Feb 23, 2021, 4:07:45 AMFeb 23
to Google Chrome Developer Tools
Not sure this is a Developer Tools related question... Seems a bit like a JavaScript/DOM related question (out of scope).

$x as well as $$ return an array of elements, so you can do whatever you want with this array.
$$("a.username").map(element => element.innerHTML); // will return an array of innerHTML values of a.username.
The XPath equivalent (assuming the class attribute has only username in it, no spaces) is $x("//a[@class = 'username']").map(element => element.innerHTML); but you need to familiarize yourself with XPath a bit (if you have not already) in order to cook up similarly more-complex selectors.



Quinten De Wilde

Feb 23, 2021, 4:12:59 AMFeb 23
to Chrome DevTools
That was the trick! 

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