Interactive Remote Debugging on Kiosk ChromeOS

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Aug 4, 2020, 2:01:51 AM8/4/20
to Chrome DevTools
Hi All,

I am trying to get my ChromeOS device running an application in Kiosk mode to allow me to interact via remote debugging. Unfortunately I am failing to get any messages from the kiosk device to my local machine and vice versa. 

Steps Taken:
1. Placed device in developer mode
2. Added authorized_keys
3. Logged in as root and chronos respectively
4. changed chrome-dev.conf to allow for --remote-debugging-port=9222
5. enabled ssh port forwarding on my local machine via `ssh -L9222: chronos@<ip>`

I am greeted with the following page (see test.png) when I visit chrome://inspect. This implies I am seemingly correct in my implementation. However, when I click 'inspect' I'm greeted with blank.png and I can't see any console logs (even though I know for a fact there are plent) or send any messages back to the device (ie. chrome.system.display.getInfo({}, console.warn)). The third image (destroyed.png) was me opening the devtools on the already inspected dev tools and looking at the protocol monitor. When I did that I could see hundreds of repeated messages being sent 'Target.targetCreated' and subsequently 'Target.targetDestroyed`. I suspect this to be the root cause of the issue but I am not sure.

Can someone please help me trouble shoot this issue ?


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