Permanently disable tiles and cards and JavaScript on chrome://newtab

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Mar 25, 2021, 10:18:58 AMMar 25
to Chrome DevTools
When I initially run Chromium I customize to explicitly turn off Tiles and Cards. Nonethless the tiles or cards of recently visited sites still appear as icons on chrome://newtab page.

I have negotiated around this bug previously by using Local Modifications or Local Overrides to store the page locally and substitute JavaScript used. Blocking JavaScript on chrome://newtab does not appear to be possible at Settings becuase chrome:// is not recognized as a valid Web URL.

I do not search from omnibox. I do not want chrome anticipating that I will.

Ideally Chrome should be recognizing that I turned off Cards and Tiles (Most Visited) on first run. That does not happen.

I am asking here how to permanently turn off Tiles and Cards (and JavaScript) altogether on chrome://newtab?


Mar 25, 2021, 10:22:26 AMMar 25
to Chrome DevTools
This is what I am referring to that I want permanently disable.Screenshot_2021-03-25_07-21-22.png
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