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Nov 25, 2009, 1:38:57 AM11/25/09
to Google Blog Search
This suggestion is about
Google BlogSearch in Vietnamese language

Dear Sir/Madam

When I searched for a term, such as "tài chính", which means
"finance", I found out that there are a lot of websites which are not

For example:, this is an online business newspapers,
just like

The list continues: - this is a general news website. Ironically, its
contents are all copied from other newspapers or e-zines. - another business news site - a real estate news site. - a financial news site - similar to, all are copied
content - similar to - news site similar to New York Times or
Newsweek - news site similar to those above - news site with mainly copied content - another news site on social security - just another news site - just another news site.

I think I have to stop here because it seems that the list never

I DO know that some news websites do have some blog categories, like
the New York Time blogs or WSJ blogs, but in Vietnam there's no such.

When I use Google Blogsearch, I want blogs, not news sites, so please
check all above information.

Thank you.

Pramod Adiddam

Jan 6, 2010, 12:41:52 PM1/6/10

Thanks a lot for your detailed report. We would really like to get feedback like the one you have provided and greatly appreciate it. We are constantly growing our corpus across languages and hence a lot of "non-blogs" creep in and we have processes in place to detect those and remove them from Google Blog Search. Specifically, the overlap between news and blogs is not intentional and I have put in the examples of news sites that you have provided as further input to the said processes. As a result, you should see less of those at least in Google Blog Search results.



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