Changes to the Cloud Platform GSuite Marketplace SDK for Publishing Add-ons

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Alan Wells

Jul 4, 2020, 10:54:46 PM7/4/20
to Google Apps Script Community
There is a new look and some changes to the GSuite Marketplace SDK.

  • If the Cloud Platform project associated with your Apps Script project is in the "No organization" category, then you will get an error message that "Your account does not belong to the same domain as this cloud project or app" and you will not be able to publish a new version of your add-on until you migrate your Cloud Platform project to your organization.  If you don't have an organization set up, then you'll need to create one.
  • There is no longer a "toast" message that your add-on is now published.
  • There is no longer a "Publish" button.  It's been changed to "Save"
  • The styling has changed.
  • The sidebar navigation "Configuration" has now been changed to "App Configuration."
  • There is no longer a "Publish" navigation item.
  • There is now a "Store listing" navigation item.
  • If you publish to "All regions" then the long list of regions is now hidden.
  • The "Unlisted" option has been moved down to the bottom of the "App Configuration" page.
If you have not re-published your add-on for a while, you might want to take a look at the GSuite Marketplace SDK.
If you know that your Cloud Platform project is in the "No organization" category, and you want to publish a new version,
then take a look at answer:

Faustino Rodriguez

Jul 5, 2020, 11:05:12 AM7/5/20
to Google Apps Script Community
Also, the GSM usage page no longer shows domain, seat, user installs summary, neither the links to download the last 30-day stats
(I hope it is a temporary issue?)

Alan Wells

Jul 5, 2020, 10:09:53 PM7/5/20
to Google Apps Script Community
The changes are only in GSuite Accounts.
My free / consumer account still has the old user interface in the Cloud Platform.
I just published a new add-on from my GSuite account as Public but Unlisted,
and even though it's unlisted, it was automatically put under review.
And there is no button to request a review, it just automatically put it under review.
So, I guess that 100% of all projects that have sensitive scopes will now get reviewed no matter what,
even if they have no restricted scopes.
Because my add-on has no restricted scopes.
I used to be able to publish an add-on as unlisted, and avoid getting it reviewed.
But it looks like that has gone away.
At least for a GSuite account.
I'm curious to know why the free account seems to still have the old UI and old system.
I wonder if free accounts won't be able to publish addons at some point in the future?
But, I guess we aren't getting many answers from Google on these matters.
And there is a "Publish" button that was enabled for an add-on that has never been published.
And the Public/Private - Unlisted options are permanently hidden once you click "Publish" the first time.
It looks like they put some thought into it.
Hopefully there aren't any things that will totally cripple us.
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