Google App Engine SDK 1.9.18 is now available

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Ramki Krishnan

Feb 19, 2015, 8:55:26 PM2/19/15
Hi All,

Version 1.9.18 of Google App Engine SDK is out with a rather large combination of new features and bug releases.

- Newly created apps will have modules enabled by default. Existing apps will still be able to use the existing "migrate my app to modules" workflow.
- Datastore cross-group transactions now allow 25 entity groups (up from 5).
- Users will have the option to use traffic migration instead of set default version.
- Faceted Search is now in Beta.
- VM Engines users can now specify the size of disk needed; there's no limitation that sizes be less than 10 GB.
- Mac Launcher now uses OAuth2 exclusively for app deployments. Permissions are granted through the browser instead of a login dialog.

- Added a new version of the third-party library MySQLdb (version 1.24). To use it, update app.yaml and redeploy.
- Fixed a bug in Python 2.7 logging that sometimes impacted logs when flushed.

- PHP 5.5 runtime (php55) is now available. It runs alongside the existing PHP 5.4 runtime (php). To use it, opt into the new runtime in the app.yaml file.
- Added ImageMagick extension (php55 only). Users will have to enable this explicitly by specifying "" in their php.ini file.
- Added in-memory tempnam() support. This feature is only available in the PHP 5.5 runtime. tempnam() will return a path to in-memory virtual files based on VFS stream wrapper.
- Fixed glob() support for PHP.
- Added MongoDB as a standard PHP library (php55 only)
- Enabled the exif extension.
- Enabled the mailparse extension
- Enabled the cURL extension (php55 only)
- Provided a cURL implementation using the standard HTTP streams API for apps that do not need the complete cURL extension.
- Enabled the xslt extension
- Added support for XDebug on the Windows and Mac SDK
- Fixed the issue of Browsecap file not loading.
- Fixed the issue of incoming email limit not being able to be configured
- Fixed the issue of DNS related functions not enabled in runtime
- Fixed the issue of errors resulting from uploading multiple files using a name array
- Fixed the issue that loaded extensions not indicating that memcache was available in the dev appserver
- Upgraded PHP 5.4 from PHP 5.4.32 to PHP 5.4.35
- Fixed the issue of allow_url_include = "1" being required on dev server
- Fixed the issue of input truncation when reading binary POST data.
- Fixed the issue of PHP Message e-mailer forcing only raw e-mail addresses for sender/reply-to

- Fixed a bug in the Task Queue Java API where TaskOptions.removeParam(String) was using the wrong operator to compare strings. - Fixed a bug wherein calling Recording.get() on a non-warmup request fails to find RECORDING_KEY in current environment. - Fixed a bug to ensure App Engine Remote API supports go remote_api responses - An useful error message is displayed when Endpoints deployment fails for a known reason - Fixed a bug wherein xsd schema did not agree with the SDKs interpretation of appengine-web.xml - Fixed a bug wherein local dev server was ignoring <vm>true</vm> for ear-based multi-module projects - Added a --noisy option to Java appcfg, to turn on all available logging. - Fixed the issue with the Dev App server failing to reproduce the production environment behaviour when serving Google Storage files. - Fixed the issue of Memcache API returning an unhelpful generic error message when put() value is >1MB

This release is based on Go 1.4.1.
appengine/datastore: - Support []*S with nil elements as a destination for GetMulti. appengine/remote_api: - Allow all services through server-side interface.

Iron Mountain Foundry

Feb 20, 2015, 4:59:08 PM2/20/15
There is an annoying behavior in this newest release that requires confirmation in a browser window every time the Deploy button is clicked:

Milad Kawas Cale

Feb 27, 2015, 6:50:02 AM2/27/15
We need official support to use datastore in PHP. I don't want to use MySQL, nor to connect to an instance running MongoDB, I wand datastore please.


Marcel Manz

Feb 27, 2015, 11:54:47 AM2/27/15
Acknowledged by Google since September 2013, yet still no release:

This core service really needs to be supported!

Adrian Martinez BloomBees

Feb 28, 2015, 3:32:10 AM2/28/15
Sound Great 

but I had open a cases because file_get_contents('') 

shows an error: failed to open stream: SSL certificate error - certificate invalid or non-existent, [Errno 8] _ssl.c:507: EOF occurred in violation of protocol in version:php55

The same line with version:php works perfectly and the server doesn't have any issue of certificates.


apc_delete shows an error that it does not exist and I need it implement a workaround for issue:

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