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Feb 24, 2009, 7:37:04 AM2/24/09
to Google App Engine

as more and more enterprise application people are trusting clouding
computing... I was wondering about the billing model for such

its normally , "Pay for what you actually use."

so the actual problem I was facing is ,

1) Is there any guideline ( read suggestion ) on how to calculate
"usage" on google app engine ? i.e. how many request , how much data
stored per application . ?. it might be good idea to just create a
query to count the approximately data storage .

i.e. total data store in kb = Entity.all().filter("user

may not be accurate for up to last second .. but good enough if it is
accurate within last day.

or even better ,

can we just have a function in webapp itself to give us approx amount
the current request cost us.

for example :: self.get_current_request_cost() {{ approximately of
course , its a egg and hen problem }}


2) There is deployment issue also.



Feb 24, 2009, 7:51:11 AM2/24/09
to Google App Engine
i really like it , if google group allow to edit post within 30
minutes of its that we can correct some typo ......

so , for easily deploying an application to multiple website , { which
can be done easily already .. via google apps }
with different datastore for different application {which is not
easily done} , { i am wondering , is there any hidden limit on how
many different table you can create ? }

i am doing it right now , is via detecting the host address first ,
and using it as a reference before i fire the wsgi application. it
work nice. but , i feel security risk. so seperating database
{ optionally , e.g.

class Contact(db.Model, multiple_class=True,ref=HTTP_HOST) kind of
thing will be very usefull. doing it manually add an index to each and
every table.

-- i think this issue can be solve at user space with directly using
core datastore api , is there anybody come up with it's solution ? ..


P.S. And yes , as full text search is not in the road map of gae , has
anyone tried using amazon s3 as a full text search along with gae { i
am doing it
right now with help of google base , but its too open for full text
search } ? -- or better ,do amazon provide full text search ?


Feb 25, 2009, 11:49:48 PM2/25/09
to Google App Engine
well not exactly what i was looking for ... but cool enough..... to
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