deploying applicaiton to multiple customers

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Nov 23, 2008, 5:00:47 AM11/23/08
to Google App Engine
Hi ,

I want to create an enterprise grade to do list -- and sell it to some

Is it possible , to deploy an application on different domain -- the
deployed application will use different database for each domain.

and manage it through single dashboard ?

If not possible right now , will it be in near future , say march ?

Roberto Saccon

Nov 23, 2008, 7:58:39 AM11/23/08
to Google App Engine
My understanding of the current situation is as follows:

- You either deploy one app for all domains (then you need to
implement the billing and quota stuff per domain on your own, that of
course doesn't make sense now with the preview quota limitations)


- You deploy for each customer you app with a different app-id (that
will be a maintenance nightmare if you have many customers)



Nov 24, 2008, 7:52:42 AM11/24/08
to Google App Engine
It would be good to be able to support multiple app instances in a way
that provides an easy upgrade path - e.g. allow multiple app-id's in
app.yaml? Maybe thats got other problems associated with it, but it
is a common scenario when delivering SaaS that customers expect their
data to be partitioned away from other customers, and while in some
scenarios it might be god to be able to have each customer on a
different version of the application, it is more likely that we
upgrade all customers at once, and this is transparent to them - i.e.
one of the benefits of SaaS is you are always on the latest version of
the software. It would be possible t write an external script that
managed this deployment, but it would be good if GAE understood that
this was a common requirement and supported it. This issue

also highlights that we need a little more flexibility when deploying
customer apps - making the app-id unique obviously necessary - but
that shouldn't need to be exposed in the URL on custom domains.
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