Phantom Front End instances are being counted and billed

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Jun 18, 2022, 4:34:15 PM6/18/22
to Google App Engine
Following the change to 'App Engine max_idle_instances setting will apply per-version starting May 24, 2022', I have migrated all traffic to a single version and removed 3 other versions.

My settings are (for all current and deleted versions):
min_idle_instances = 1
max_idle_instances = 1

The Console's Instances Count show a normal behavior. 
However, hours are counted and billed as if there are some 4 extra instances running at all times.

I have disabled and re-enables the application.
When disabled, no hours are counted. When re-enabled, the same issue persists.

I cannot easily re-deploy, as I will have to catch up with all changes of the past 2 years.

Help anyone?

Thanks in advance


Jun 19, 2022, 6:37:58 PM6/19/22
to Google App Engine
My bad...

The old default version was a F1 class. 
The new default (and only) version is F4 class.

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