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Mohit Athwani

May 7, 2020, 9:37:13 AM5/7/20
to Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C
I am working on app that builds on top of Google Sheets and one of the features I am interested in developing is to give users the ability to query for information in a google sheet. I've got the read/write interactions with the sheet working with GTLRSheets* apis but what I see is that this api does not support searching/filtering. But it seems like the Google Visualization Library does allow you to execute a subset of SQL queries. I was able to structure a url based on the examples and query my sheet and get the information that I'm interested within the browser.

My question is how can I interact with the Visualization Library via this client library. I also see that there is a ServiceGenerator provider but it looks like the Visualization Library does not have a discovery document.


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