Re: How to update metadata's filename (rename) ?

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Radiance Gooplay

Mar 19, 2020, 10:03:20 AM3/19/20
I‘m sorry I don't know

Ju Lien <> 于2020年3月18日周三 下午10:37写道:
Hi there!

I struggle for 5 days , and I found no documentation about it ( PATCH ) I wonder how to rename a filename into a Google Drive in Objective C

It should be easy... Does anybody know ?

This code gets an error :

GTLRDriveService * service = self.driveService;

NSString * fileID = fileMetadata.identifier;

if (fileID)


       GTLRDriveQuery_FilesUpdate * query = [GTLRDriveQuery_FilesUpdate queryWithObject:fileMetadata  fileId:fileID uploadParameters:nil];

_fileListTicket = [service executeQuery:query

completionHandler:^(GTLRServiceTicket *callbackTicket, id nilObject,

NSError *callbackError) {





Thanks in advance guys !

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