No such module 'GoogleAPIClientForREST'

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Cory McHattie

Feb 2, 2021, 8:50:24 AM2/2/21
to Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C

I am attempting to import GoogleAPIClientForREST but Xcode is unable to find the module. I installed the following pods:

pod 'GoogleSignIn' 

pod 'GoogleAPIClientForREST/Calendar'

GoogleSignIn is working and looks like all of the necessary files for GoogleAPIClientForREST were created in the project. In addition, I created a bridging header file with the following code:

#import "GTMAppAuth/GTMAppAuth.h" 

#import "GTMSessionFetcher/GTMSessionFetcherLogging.h"

Not sure what I am doing wrong? I know others have run into this issue and I went through all of the provided solutions to no avail. I think I may need to add drag GTLR.framework to the project's Linked Frameworks source group, but am not sure how to do that nor if I actually need to given I installed GoogleAPIClient via cocoapods. I am using Xcode 12.4 and a laptop with the M1 chip if that makes a difference.

Thank you for the help!

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