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Mar 31, 2023, 6:34:28โ€ฏPM3/31/23
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Product Updates - Developer Features

Managing quota for Google Analytics Data API

The new quota implementation for Data API differs from Reporting API v4 for Universal Analytics. This guide will help you to understand how the quota system works and certain best practices for implementing the Data API.

Updates to the Admin API

See Admin API Changelog for details.

Updates to the Data API

  • Added additional date, e-commerce, landing page + query string, and continent related dimensions.

  • Added 'Views per user', 'Scrolled users' metrics.

See Data API Changelog for details.

Other Relevant Updates from Google

Google Analytics 4 Tutorials

The Google Analytics 4 tutorial series is now available on the Google Analytics YouTube channel.ย 

Explore the GA4 BigQuery Demo dataset in a Jupyter notebook environment

In this tutorial, you learn about various ways to explore and gain insights from the GA4 BigQuery Demo dataset in a Jupyter notebook environment. You can run this in Colab or Vertex AI workbench.

Community Updates

Using Dataform with GA4 BigQuery Export dataset
By Artem Korneev

In this series of articles, learn about how to use Dataform on GCP to build scalable data pipelines for your GA4 BigQuery Export dataset.


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