How to get Goal Funnel Step data such as “entered” and “proceeded” through Query API?

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Oct 13, 2015, 9:00:19 AM10/13/15
to Google Analytics Reporting API

When looking at Goal Funnel report in the Google Analytics website. I can see not only the number of goal starts and completion but also how many visits to each step.

How can I find the step data through the Google Analytics API?

I am testing with the query explorer and testing on a goal with 3 steps, which 1st step marked as Required

I was able to get the start and completion by running by using goalXXStarts and goalXXCompletions:

However I can't figure out a way to get the goal second step data.

I tried using ga:users or ga:uniquePageViews with the URL of the step 2, and previousPagePath as step 1 (required = true) and add to that the ga:users or ga:uniquePageViews from the next stage with ga:previousPagePath of step 1 (since its required=true) for backfill.

I also tried other combinations, but could never reach the right number or close to it.

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