Schema updates in the Google Analytics Data API

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Ilya Kuleshov

Feb 9, 2021, 3:25:38 AM2/9/21
to Google Analytics API Notify


On behalf of the Google Analytics team I would like to announce the following updates to the Google Analytics Data API.

See Analytics Data API schema for more information about the fields affected by the change.

Breaking changes

  • The value of dayOfWeek dimension now starts with 0 instead of 1. It returns values in the range [0,6] with Sunday as the first day of the week.

  • The value of week dimension now starts with 01 and returns a two-digit number from 01 to 53. Each week starts on Sunday. January 1st is always in week 01. 

New campaign dimensions

  • campaignId  The identifier of the marketing campaign. Present only for conversion events.

  • campaignName The name of the marketing campaign. Present only for conversion events.

  • googleAdsAccountName The customer's descriptive name in Google Ads for the conversion event's campaign. Corresponding to customer.descriptive_name in the Google Ads API.

  • googleAdsAdGroupId The ad group id attributed the conversion event.

  • googleAdsAdGroupName The ad group name attributed the conversion event.

  • googleAdsAdNetworkType The advertising network type of the conversion. An enumeration which includes 'Google search', 'Search partners', 'Google Display Network', 'Youtube Search', 'Youtube Videos', 'Cross-network', 'Social', and '(universal campaign)'.

  • source The source attributed to the conversion event.

  • trafficOrigin The traffic origin of the conversion event's campaign. An enumeration which includes 'Google Ads', 'Manual', and '(not set)'.

New e-commerce dimensions

  • adFormat Describes the way ads looked and where they were located. Typical formats include 'Interstitial', 'Banner', 'Rewarded', and 'Native advanced'.

  • adSourceName The source network that served the ad. Typical sources include 'AdMob Network', 'Liftoff', 'Facebook Audience Network', and 'Mediated house ads'.

  • adUnitName The name you chose to describe this Ad unit. Ad units are containers you place in your apps to show ads to users.

  • itemBrand Brand name of the item.

  • itemCategory, itemCategory2, itemCategory3, itemCategory4, itemCategory5 The hierarchical category in which the item is classified.

  • itemId The ID of the item.

  • itemListId The ID of the item list.

  • itemListName The name of the item list.

  • itemName The name of the item.

  • itemPromotionCreativeName The name of the item-promotion creative.

  • itemPromotionId The ID of the item promotion.

  • itemPromotionName The name of the promotion for the item.

  • orderCoupon Code for the order-level coupon.

  • transactionId The ID of the ecommerce transaction.

New e-commerce metrics

  • adUnitExposure The time that an ad unit was exposed to a user, in milliseconds.

  • addToCarts The number of times users added items to their shopping carts.

  • cartToViewRate The number of users who added a product(s) to their cart divided by the number of users who viewed the same product(s).

  • checkouts The number of times users started the checkout process.

  • ecommercePurchases The number of times users completed a purchase. This metric counts 'purchase' events; this metric does not count 'in_app_purchase' and subscription events.

  • firstTimePurchasers The number of users that completed their first purchase event.

  • itemListClickThroughRate The number of users who selected a list(s) divided by the number of users who viewed the same list(s).

  • itemListClicks The number of times users clicked an item when it appeared in a list.

  • itemListViews The number of times the item list was viewed.

  • itemPromotionClickThroughRate The number of users who selected a promotion(s) divided by the number of users who viewed the same promotion(s).

  • itemPromotionClicks The number of times an item promotion was clicked.

  • itemPromotionViews The number of times an item promotion was viewed.

  • itemPurchaseQuantity The number of units for a single item included in purchase events.

  • itemRevenue The total revenue from items only. Item revenue is the product of its price and quantity. Item revenue excludes tax and shipping values.

  • itemViews The number of times the item details were viewed.

  • publisherAdClicks The number of ad_click events.

  • publisherAdImpressions The number of ad_impression events.

  • totalPurchasers The number of users that logged purchase events for the time period selected.


The Google Analytics Team

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