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Runar Trollet Kristoffersen

Nov 2, 2014, 4:46:55 AM11/2/14
Hi, we published our new app, Tally Board, to the App Store and have got a good deal of very positive reviews, after just two days. We have included admob in the app, but we made a mistake and added the wrong ad-unit-id. We added one from an interstitial, when we should have added one for a banner. I know, really stupid of us. But is there no way to fix this on the website? Either by changing the ad-unit to a banner, or deleting the interstitial-ad-unit and creating a new one, with the same ad-unit-id?

We were hoping that some technical support at AdMob would be able to fix this for us, but we cannot find any way of contact them directly.

Eric Leichtenschlag

Nov 4, 2014, 8:52:15 PM11/4/14
Unfortunately an ad unit type is locked once you create it. So you'll have to update the app with your interstitial ad unit.

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