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newsam samapios newsam

Jun 17, 2024, 10:23:52 AMJun 17

Bom dia eu acredito que a melhor opção neste caso e troca o aplicativo ou pelo menos configurar novamente ou até mesmo uma limpeza de cachê

Em seg., 17 de jun. de 2024 10:21, Unique Stories <> escreveu:

I am encountering an issue where the app crashes whenever a user clicks "Set as Wallpaper," but this only happens on AdMob test devices. I have tested the app on multiple devices, emulators, Firebase Test Lab, and Play Console, and everything works fine in these environments. However, AdMob still shows that the app crashes while setting the wallpaper.

App id com.pridesoft.tikstatswallpaper
Publisher ID 


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Arjun Sunar

Jun 17, 2024, 2:31:40 PMJun 17
to Google Mobile Ads SDK Developers

so what can I do for you 

Unique Stories

Jun 17, 2024, 5:44:52 PMJun 17

Just change the device where app is testing

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