How do I change my Admob login email address?

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Paul B

May 16, 2014, 11:46:20 AM5/16/14
I changed my developer account by creating a new GMail account and new Developer Console account (paid another subscription and am awaiting refund of the oriinal one).

I need to change the *login* e-mail address of my Admob account so I can link it to my new Developer Console account - ie keeping everything under the same account.

I found a link which said this could be done on a Google admob site:

"Publishers can always change their login email if they have access to the current login email address."

But clicking this just takes me to the Admob login page.  Once I've logged in I'm back to square one.  There is only the option to change the contact e-mail, not login email.

Anyone know how I proceed?  I only want one Admob account and want it linked to / associated with my new Developer Console/Gmail account.

Please note the only reason I did this was because, originally, I created my developer account and admob account using my personal Gmail account.  I simply want to keep my developer accounts separate from my personal ones.

Any help would be really appreciated.  Thanks!

Eric Leichtenschlag

May 16, 2014, 7:35:56 PM5/16/14
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