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Chandu Bejugam

Apr 22, 2024, 8:13:04 PMApr 22
to Google Mobile Ads SDK Developers
Hello there,
My Admob account has been limited about 1 week ago and its still under hold, recently i have ran an advertisement for my app with huge investment and as a result of that i have got huge number of users to my app at the same time and Admob has limited the ads serving to my account, how can i earn money, its been 1 week, how long do you take to solve this single issue, you can check the source and location of the ad traffic, and how don't you think that i wont get the ads traffic if i promote my app in various platforms. please solve is as I'm loosing my users i have lost huge amount of revenue due to this silly thing, please solve it.

Mobile Ads SDK Forum Advisor

Apr 23, 2024, 1:46:14 AMApr 23

Hi Chandu,

Google may sometimes place a limit on the number of ads your AdMob account can show. This might be a temporary ad serving limit to evaluate your traffic quality, or it might be because we've identified invalid traffic concerns in your AdMob account. Please note that while this ad serving limit typically impacts for less than 30 days, it may take longer in some cases. For more information, please refer to Ad serving limits

In order to verify your account and facilitate further investigation, kindly share your app ID via reply to author option.

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