6.4.1 Non Compliant with Google Play policy??

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Pedro Da Ros

May 7, 2014, 10:43:48 AM5/7/14
to google-adm...@googlegroups.com
Where can we get more info on this?

I had no idea that basically ALL MY APPS were non-compliant with Google Play policy until I saw this message on one of my apps:

"You are using version 6.4.1 of the AdMob SDK which is non-compliant with the Google Play Ad Policy (http://goo.gl/6OZelH).
On August 1st, 2014, Google Play will stop accepting updates to apps using this SDK.
Upgrade to Google Play services now to avoid this deadline."

Where can we get more info on this? Why weren't we told this by email or on the AdMob console?

And now you guys force us to migrate to the Google Play Services library by not releasing an update to the standalone SDK? The migration effort is not small (I have tried once and rolled back after I saw the amount of changes needed).

Kunal Verma

May 7, 2014, 1:44:21 PM5/7/14
to Google AdMob Ads Developers
Hi Pedro, 

Your apps will still show Ads after 1st August, 2014. But if you want to update and submit them after 1st August,2014, Google Play will not accept without the Latest google play AdMob SDK. Similarly any new apps after 1st August,2014 need to have GPS based AdMob SDK.

In my opinion, the steps are not too much of an effort for moving onto GPS SDK. They also have an added advantage of auto-update SDK so that we don't need to update our apps for SDK updates.
If you are having any issues, let us know here.



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Nana Ghartey

Jun 15, 2014, 12:06:15 PM6/15/14
to google-adm...@googlegroups.com
Hi Kunal,
What happens to all the numerous old apps that don't get updated after August 1st. Will they be in violation of some ad policy and get banned. We've upgraded to the new admob site but there are some apps using the admob sdk jar 6.4.1 we won't be able to update this year. What happens to them? Do we risk getting them or our account banned?
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Amy Quispe (AdMob SDK Team)

Jun 20, 2014, 2:44:07 PM6/20/14
to google-adm...@googlegroups.com
Hi Nana,

We will continue to serve ads to the apps that are already out there, but any updates you make after August 1st must be using the new library.

Amy Quispe

Mooi Knaplabs

Jun 23, 2014, 11:41:58 AM6/23/14
to google-adm...@googlegroups.com
My Admob stats has not been updated since last Saturday. I am still using legacy admob.
What's happening?

Amy Quispe (AdMob SDK Team)

Jul 2, 2014, 7:41:54 PM7/2/14
to google-adm...@googlegroups.com
Sorry, this forum doesn't handle account-related issues. Please see the AdMob Help Center for information and support forms for general AdMob publisher questions.

Ratna Mustikasari

Aug 19, 2014, 7:26:47 AM8/19/14
to google-adm...@googlegroups.com
hi amy and kunal
I want to ask, is there any punishment from google like banned account if after 1 aug 14 new or updated apps still use old sdk like sdk 6.4.1 ?

Amy Quispe (AdMob SDK Team)

Aug 19, 2014, 8:05:00 PM8/19/14
to google-adm...@googlegroups.com
Hi Ratna,

We are currently still serving ads to apps using the 6.4.1 SDK, but the Play Store will no longer accept new or updated apps using the old SDK.

Amy Quispe
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