RE: [google-admob-ads-sdk] assistance needed with admob integration - "no fill" error and no ads showing

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Apr 22, 2024, 11:20:22 AMApr 22


I'm deleting the thread since you accidentally shared some private info in it while raising an issue (app ID: ca-app-pub-44xxxxxxxxxxx10~2xxxxxxx51 and ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-44xxxxxxxx10/70xxxxxx50).

I tried in our Google Sample Project with the provided information and was able to load the Ads successfully. Could you confirm whether the mentioned issue is reproducible in our Google Sample Project as well? If yes, please share the sample project privately so we can review it and try to replicate the problem. After doing so, we will be better equipped to offer a solution.

If the file(s) you are looking to share are less than 25mb, you can attach them to this case on your next reply. If you are having trouble attaching your file to this case or if your file(s) are larger than 25mb, kindly provide requested information to us via reply to author option or using the following steps:

1. Navigate to

2. Fill out all fields and attach your file(s).

3. Please reply on this thread when you have uploaded your file(s). Please do not share this link.

This message is in relation to case "ref:!00D1U01174p.!5004Q02tPGpH:ref" (ADR-00232049)

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