SMART_BANNER adview causes CPU usage when app is in the background (Paused/Stopped)

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Nov 20, 2013, 4:00:06 PM11/20/13

Can you please have a look at the below problem

  • admob SDK v6.4.1
  • Android
  • SMART_BANNER ( Inside a FrameLayout on top, Or inside Linear Layout as first view)

When an application is paused and stopped the activity must pause all its content and the CPU usage becomes nearly 0%. When Using the SMART_BANNER format the application continues to consume around 5%.

I was using the normal BANNER, in order to support better ads for tablets I switched to SMART_BANNER, and ran my test scenarios I noticed that the CPU usage is still relatively high when my game is paused. I reverted the SMART_BANNER to make sure that this was caused by the latter, and the CPU usage was back to zero (So here I knew the prob was with the SMART_BANNER).
- I double checked this on Gnex running Android JB 4.3 and on Galaxy Gio running GB 2.3.6
- I compiled targeting Android SDK JB 4.3 and targeting newest KITKAT 4.4 same behavior.
- I double checked on other games (with SMART_BANNER) that I know they use the same game engine I use (AndEngine), and checked also other games using other cross platform engines (Coco2d-X) also same thing. I ran the games and check in the adb using "adb shell top -m 10 -d 1 -s cpu" the process of the game can be clearly scene 
The problem exists with only SMART_BANNER with normal BANNER it does't exist

Load any game that has a SMART_BANNER format ad, and when the adview is displayed click on the home button and check the CPU usage it keeps fluctuating between 4 and 5%. 
On low end devices it cranks up to 19%

Can you kindly have a look? Is this an expected behavior ? Or a bug? Or are we using the SDK incorrectly ?
Appreciate your reply
I can provide you with a couple of games title as examples but didn't want to mention any before checking with you first.

Thank you

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