Crash in IOS SDK 6.10.0, related to status bar

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Benjamin Roth

Aug 1, 2014, 4:05:29 AM8/1/14

I have a problem with the SDK regarding the visibility of the status bar. We have UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance NOT enabled as this induces other problems with the behaviour of the status bar. But we set the visibility of the status bar programatically for some VCs.
Problem 1: The Ads SDK does not handle the status bar visibility correctly when showing an interstitial. So we must set the status bar visibility manually after [GADInterstitial presentFromRootViewController]. Otherwise the status bar is visible and the interstitial cannot be closed at all as the SB covers the close button.
Problem 2: There must be some race condition in the IOS SDK. We have over 100 crashes a day related to the status bar originating from different places of the code. It would be great to have manual control over the SB visibility in the Google Ads SDK. So we would be able to handle the race conditions. Currently we are not able to control the "process flow", so our app logic and the Google SDK collide.

To describe the use case better:
We have sth like a social stream from which you can open a profile. The stream has a status bar, the profile not. Some actions in the profile trigger an interstitial ad. Thus it may happen that a user triggers an interstitial action and then leaves the profile. Depending on user interaction, network speed and so on it may happen that the profile disappears at the same time as the interstitial appears leading into unwanted or unpredictable behaviour.
Unfortunately it is very hard to reproduce this issue - typical for a race condition. But it really, really exists.

To give you some more information see attached some crash logs:

(1) Status bar related, crash from Google SDK
(2) Not directly related to status bar but happens anyway
(3) Status bar related crash from our own classes

Thanks alot in advance for your help :)

Eric Leichtenschlag

Aug 1, 2014, 10:05:48 PM8/1/14
Thanks for the reports Ben. I've forwarded them along and we'll investigate.
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