RE: [google-admob-ads-sdk] receiving a loadaderror on ios

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Jun 11, 2024, 4:38:48 PMJun 11

Hi John,

Please use the following help center article to understand common reasons for ads not showing and use the can't see ads troubleshooter to debug the issue.

If the provided links doesn’t help, kindly share below information via “reply to author” option for further investigation:

  • app ID
  • ad unit ID
  • Mobile Ads SDK Version
This message is in relation to case "ref:!00D1U01174p.!5004Q02tJI1U:ref" (ADR-00239603)

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John Wiese

Jun 11, 2024, 8:37:50 PMJun 11
to Google Mobile Ads SDK Developers
I do see ads on iOS, I just get a lot of errors too now (didn't used to). I've looked at those resources and I'm not seeing anything.  The crashes are on app load.
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