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Jul 1, 2014, 12:05:59 PM7/1/14
Hello All,
In researching a solution to an issue we're running into on our production environment I have come across Goliath and I believe might provide the best approach to what we are doing.

Our is has to do with Rails and Live streaming. When a client connection closes, Live streaming doesn't detect it so the thread doesn't die. After several closed client connection have occurred the number of web server(Puma in our case) threads gets maxed out and the web server freezes and we're forced to restart it. A more detailed description of the issue can be found here:

It appears that Live streaming cannot detect if the connection has been closed without sending a message so the workaround requires a pretty hackish approach:

Before I invest the time to port the portion of our code causing affected by this issue over to Goliath, I was hoping some one more experienced with it could chime in and say if it would help us with the issue we're seeing with Live streaming.

Thank you very much,

Ruben Caro

Jul 2, 2014, 5:20:06 AM7/2/14

Hi Juan,

I did nothing serious about streaming in Ruby, but I played with Goliath with no issues, just like .

I also played the same game, also with no issues, using Reel and

Again, nothing serious, so only pointing possibilities...

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